How can I post a wmv. to a newsgroup

I have a wmv. file I want others to see on the newsgroups. Is there a place I could host it? what other method could I use so I could post a link? Mikek

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Dropbox or Hightail to name two.


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Adrian Jansen

Den onsdag den 6. november 2013 23.22.44 UTC+1 skrev amdx:



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Lasse Langwadt Christensen

Thanks, I found the video on youtube, posted under a different name.

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You should still at least get a dropbox account. It is great fro shit like this. I got a movie in mine. It does serve it fast enough but instead of op ening in a browser it opens up windows media palyer. I could set it to use VLC but it really isn't necessary.

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