high density ceramic PCB

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John Larkin
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Does anyone know of a company that can manufacture prototype printed circuit boards using ceramic as a substrate? The board is 3.2 cm by 3.2 cm and should have Electronic components packed as flip chip with pitch of 200 micron on one side and 250 microns on the other side. The number of contacts that have to be connected from one side to the other is about 16,000.

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Search on "thick film hybrids" - though what you probably want is thin film construction on the same sort of alumina substrate.

These days you can put laser-drilled holes of very high aspect ratio through alumina substrates, so 1600 vias per square cm might not be impossible, but 0.25mm spacings means a pretty small hole - you might make it on a 0.5mm thich substrate.

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--------------- Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

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