Hi guys, any cell phone experts out there ?

Hello people,

My CDMA phone went "missing" and was "found" after a couple of days. Ever since this guy in whose presence the phone went missing has known about all my conversations.

After reading on the net and some "social engineering" my guess is :

  1. It is a cell to cell wiretap.
  2. Each time I turn my phone on a message is displayed on his cell phone.
  3. He can make normal calls from his cell phone while being able to listen to my calls.

Could someone tell me how many ways can he do this in? So I can check what he did. I read on a website that there is a chip which he may have put in my phone but it did not describe it in detail. Anyone have any info worth checking out ?

Thanks guys!

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"this guy" may have cloned your cell phone's ID, which is a Federal crime. Turn his ass in and get on with your life.

...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson

In article , To-Email-Use- snipped-for-privacy@My-Web-Site.com (known to some as Jim Thompson) scribed...

Jim, FYI: This looks like it may be another of the tinfoil-hat crowd. There was a second post from "susan" in alt.engineering.electrical, in which "she" responded to someone suggesting that she 'have it out with the guy, in front of a police officer.' The response was... interesting...

"For some reason I can't he has powerful connections and I am a new in this country. I need to diagnose the problem and then show my parents and then move on in life."

I've found the same initial post scattered over a number of Usenet newsgroups, starting in alt.engineering.electrical.

Keep the peace(es).

Dr. Anton T. Squeegee, Director, Dutch Surrealist Plumbing Institute
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Dr. Anton T. Squeegee

"Susan" ...

The most simple thing he could have done is to put in a smal transmitter. It could even work when the phone is off by directly tapping the battery.

Regards, Arie de Muijnck

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Arie de Muynck

Well he needs the phone to be turned on, because he tries to get me to turn the phone on thru his friends on various pretexts.

Any where I can read about cell to cell taps ?

Arie de Muynck wrote:

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It's practically impossible.

If you're really that paranoid, take your phone to the phone store and get it replaced with one with a new ID, and destroy the old one.

And, while you're at it, learn to keep track of your stuff.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Easy: Cloned cell ID: "he" is "you" to the network. Easy to solve too: Narc the c*nt to to the police; remember to mention the wierd calls you were getting from middle-eastern people that hang up on you. Should keep him busy for a while.

Hard: "They" have access to the network through, f.ex. the lawful interception interface, in which case you are in bad standing with security services, the feds or perhaps the narcotics police ... and you know which entity yourself and why, probably (In my experience the only way you will know that "they" are watching is because "they" want you to know!)

Maybe this:

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Frithiof Andreas Jensen

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