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I am looking for a setup, which can send and SMS to me when movement is registered in my garage. Basically a PIR sensor and some electronics and a GSM transmitter. (well, a magnetic reed relay on the door will do :) )

Such items are available:

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But 129 EUR vs a cheap motion/PIR sensor for 13 EUR, I guess there is a cheap GSM transmitter out there too. It could be cool it could send one preprogrammed SMS, but that is not important. I can use a PIC or something to control a GSM module, but I need to find a cheap one first. They have some items for 74 EUR.

Have anyone worked on this?

WBR Sonnich

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Hello Sonnich

You could ask here (uses GTM601 and some external 1GHz ARM):

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User Manual (includes the Schematics):

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Try Arduino from spark fun. They also have PIR and GSM modules on breakout boards

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David Eather

egistered in my garage.

a magnetic reed relay on the door will do :) )

heap GSM transmitter out there too.

ortant. I can use a PIC or something to control a GSM module, but I need to find a cheap one first. They have some items for 74 EUR.

Yes, i am doing something similar, but with a webcam to detect and capture images. For less than 129 EUR or 150 USD, i have a laptop board with 1.6GH z, 1G Ram, Wifi and GSM. I tried PCIe GSM, but the board won't boot. So, i switched to USB GSM. BTW, the more complicated interface,the cheaper the y get: PCIe GSM is less than $10; USB GSM is less than $20; SPI GSM is ove r $100.

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May be slightly off topic for you, but I totally agree with Edward's use of a camera as the 'motion' detector for several reasons:

  1. cheap
  2. any activity you see
  3. has multiple/future uses
  4. Every sensor has its quirks, no worth learning to understand each

PIR sensors can trip with patterned sunlight in its view being modulated by cloud patterns. and if the critter is too small... ultrasonic sensors are VERY range/size sensitive, same with radar type sensors, and either can be set off by 'air flow' being interpreted as motion.

Cameras can be set up to 'alarm' for images. But cameras have their own quirks! So this is what I use: I bought several of those cheap $20 PIR outdoor sensors from Home Depot that turn on two lights. Set them for ON time of ten minutes. Also, installed an 8 camera security system with high resolution cameras and auto recording [these are 'loop' recordings representing the last weeks or up to months] around the perimeter. Then I can review through the HD 'constant' recordings and easily notice the light being on and then do a very 'fine' view of what caused it. The PIR's were cheap, the security system not so cheap.

However, the combination makes it possible to assuage Ms. Macy's concerns about anybody inappropriately approaching our home and, very importantly, detrmining the EXACT origin of any 'alarm'. You have no idea how often the phrase, 'it can just go off' is responded to with, "yes, I understand. But why did it go off?" over and over.

So far we've captured videos of one mountain lion, coyotes, havelins, local cats, flying birds, and even bats setting off the alarm system. Flying bats are the worst, they're learning to set off a light just to attract bugs. Smart little critters. Also, not sure why, but once watched one of the local cats appear to 'dance' through the video as though disappointed when the light did NOT come on, and when it finally did come on the cat proudly walked on, as if to say, DONE!

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