Freescale MC9S08Gxx with Atmel DataFlash??

Hi, I am currently working on a project that requires me to interface an existing platform to an external memory, for additional storage. Below is a block diagram of what I intend to do.

[PC serial port] [existing platform board] [Serial Flash]

The reason of interfacing with my existing board to a serial flash is that, the current embedded flash on the MC9S08GB uC is insufficient, and hence I need to add an external Serial flash for additional storage

space. I require between 1MB to 2MB for the additional space.

I came across the Atmel DataFlash, and it offers up to 128Mbit, so I am

thinking of using this part for the additional storage.

Does any one know of any reference design document or tutorial, particularly for the Freescale S08 uC architecture, to interface to the

Atmel (or any other serial/data flash)?

I am quite familiar with the Freescale uC, but zero knowledge on the serial flash. Really appreciate some help / advice / tips.


Rgs, ch

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Not familiar with that processor, I dropped Freescale/Moto in favour of Atmel years ago, but it surely handles SPI transfers. And the dataflash uses standard SPI. Good details in the Atmel datasheet. Have used them for many data storage uses, and quite easy to implement.

One other similar thing you could look at is SD cards. You can read/write them in standard SPI mode from your micro, but you can also put them in a USB card reader, and handle the data directly on a PC.


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Adrian Jansen

Hi, thanks for the information. I ll check out the datasheet. I am just wondering if there are already some drivers, i.e APIs for the Atmel Dataflash device, particularly for the Freescale/Mot HC08 architecture. If there is, then it makes my life a lot easier. Otherwise got to write them up myself.

Anyway, if you know of any existing drivers out somewhere, pls let me know. It is okay if it is for another uC (i.e Atmel, Intel etc). I can probably do the porting myself..


rgds, ch

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