right micro for data acq

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i am looking for a micro basically for data acquistion.
I need two 8 bit pulse accumulators, 3 a2d channels and 128 KB of Non
Volatile Memory ( preferably EEPROM). The code size will too small.(say
i was thinking of using a PIC micro with SPI to connect with an
external EEPROM.

Let me know if there are any micros for such applications.
( I basically want to do away with external memory)


Re: right micro for data acq
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ATMEL produce some micro with internal dataflash ( serial flash memory
for data storage ) I don't remember if 8051 or AVR core and if they have
the ADC.

I think they are a bit pricey for the job

my solution will be a pic18f1320 or similar ( it have a 10 bit adc with
multiplexer ) and 2 24xx512 i2c eeprom as storage ( you can connect up
to 256KB of storage )

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