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could anyone suggest a topic for a feasibility study? it is about electronics or communications. robotics is definitely out sa mga pagpipilian...

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Low volume soldering of modern electronic components? It's not just a problem for amaturs, many professional companies need to produce low volume specialist boards, spend a lot of money on equipment like hot air reflow nozzles, and then end up soldering little boards on the back of cloths irons like the radio hams do ;-)

So, the study, is it possible to make a facility capable of doing low volume but high quality production of TQFP e MSOP devices (easy components such as SOICS are taken for granted) on a limited budget? Let's say $1000 outlay for producing 100 boards a week. Each board has TQFP64, 4xSOIC8, a couple of SOIC28's an MSOP10, a SOT203-5 and lets say 30 discretes 0605.

This is going to require that you evaluate the pro's and con's of the all the techniques currently in use from ezbake ovens through to dribbling solder balls. Not very technical from an electronics viewpoint but difficult from a feasibility viewpoint because (as generally is the case in feasibility studies) you will not get a clear cut answer. It is possible to do it, but what will the costs be to get a reliable output.

You will also need to establish your criteria. For example, can you ensure that components do not exceed the temperature recommendations of the manufacturer?

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