Dialog Semi./GreenPak developers conference review

Got to the large office park north of Boston where the conference was being held about 30 minutes late due to major crash on I-95 NB and associated backup.

Lots of similar buildings and no signs or anything but I eventually managed to find the right building. About 4 visitor spots all filled, huge employee lot mostly filled too, found a spot all the way in back and put my slip of paper I was emailed that said basically "Please don't tow me" on my windshield. Hoofed it 5 minutes to the entrance in the cold, looked around, no signs or anything to be found outside, thought there might be at least a piece of paper or something that said "Welcome conference attendees" but no luck.

Went inside to the comfortable-looking upper lobby, asked the first couple employee-looking people with name-tags "Hey is the GreenPak conference happening here?" they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Hunted around for a while for and eventually found a little piece of paper taped to the wall with the wi-fi password and logged in, re-checked who the local sponsor company was. Went to the office directory other side of the lobby and found address of their office location on an upper floor.

Went up to the appropriate floor and looked around, there were offices with glass doors and cubicles and PCs and stuff but everything appeared deserted didn't see anyone there. Everything was open though so I popped my head in a few doors and looked but couldn't immediately find anyone, wandered around, I guess I could've just walked out with a bunch of laptops and flash drives and shit didn't see any security or anyone official like that to ask either. After another couple min of wandering I found a secretary from another company I guess and asked she said they'd been here, thought they went to a conference room but didn't know which one. Ask at front desk lobby. Went to front desk lobby nobody there.

Some of the wandering employees (from other companies I guess) were starting to eye me suspiciously at that point so I left

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