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Servicing customers can and has been a very rewarding experience. However, in the past probably 3 to 5 years it seems that customers are becoming more and more demanding and less and less informed.

How many times has a customer called for professional, manufacturer >qualified service, and then will not even comply with a scheduling date. >Numerous times our corporate dispatching group has set up service >appointments with customers, these are normally arranged 24 to 36 horus in >advance (of having the technician make the trip). About 30% of the time, >when contacted by the technician on the day of service, the customer >demands to change the allocated time frame, informs the technician they >have gotten the item serviced otherwise, or are just plainly rude and >obnoxious. >Specific case in point, Mister Blockhead is contacts 24 hours in advance >and given a two hour window in which the technician will arrive, diagnose, >service/order part, for the unit in question. Technician calls customer >the morning of the route and gets blasted with foul language about the >stupid routing and time scheduling and then is again blasted when the >technician suggests having the call run another day when the time frame is >more acceptable. End effect, Mister Blockhead will probably have to carry >set into a shop for service. >Secondairly, customer calls regarding a specific isue or feature of their >$XXXXXXX device, when querried the respond 'No I do not know where the >operations manual is, nor have I read the ****thing. Get out here and fix >it!!' Ignorant of the product they have spent hard earnt funds for, not >willing to learn about said product, and aragorant enough to complain >about and totally exhibit thier stupidity. >BTW been servicing Consumer Electronic Products, in home and bench level >since mid 60's. Yup remember the 5U4, OZ3, etc!!
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Back in 2000 when I left the consumer electronics repair industry for a job in IT I found out that the bean counters and CEO's of of the world were much more demanding and even less informed than the average Joe Consumer. Back in 2000 most of the clients I serviced still didn't have a budget for IT. When I walked through the doors I tried to avoid the CEO or CFO as much as possible. I could just see the dollar signs in their eyes when they looked at me as around here the going hourly rate for a level 1 tech like me was $100/hr. However, the job was very rewarding and most everyone else was very appreciative.

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Good Ones! I want to read about Confessions of a Field Service Engineer.Sort of kind of like the old Art Margolis articles that were in Popular Science. cuhulin

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Sorry for lowering the tone a bit before, however, you might like some of the late Les Lawry-Johns' stories from Television magazine here:

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