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have a broken Marshall MXL USB mic which isn't worth getting repaired. The mic element is 32mm in diameter. Is it feasable to remove the condenser element & connect it directly into the mic input of my computer sound card?

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** Told you before - no.

A condenser mic capsule is nothing more than a 20 to 100pF capacitor with one fixed and one flexible side.

It needs DC polarising with 30 to 100 volts and a sensitive pre-amp with around a 1Gohm input impedance.

...... Phil

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Phil Allison

And in this case uses a fet near the element to get some juice going. I was starting to write capsule, and this certainly isn't a capsule. All the stuff should be allready be there minus the USB.


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"GregS" "Phil Allison"

** The FET is no use without the polarising voltage or a DC supply.

** The term " capsule" is commonly used for such things.

Just distinguishes the transducer of a mic from the case / handle, matching transformer and/or internal pre-amp circuitry.

** Shame how power from the USB is used to operate the mic.

....... Phil

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Phil Allison

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