Chip off the old block

Number two daughter came by this afternoon.

As many of you know, she runs the City of Phoenix Water Labs... she's a chemist.

As city budgets tighten and tighten, departments get compacted.

Amazingly enough Phoenix is cutting _managers_!

So my daughter has inherited the "street level" people, those who run the treatment plants scattered all over the "Valley of the Sun".

During her introduction to these people she overheard someone mutter, "Jennifer is hard-ass, but she's fair".

She was distraught about the "hard-ass", but I assured her that what really matters is, "... she's fair" ;-) ...Jim Thompson

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Jim Thompson
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Jim Thompson Inscribed thus:

True ! Being fair gets a lot of respect... You can point out that others agree. :-)

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"Jim Thompson" wrote in message news:

Clearly a woman who like to have her ass admired.... :)

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I'm just curious why Jim thinks we have any interest in his daughters ass... I've never seen his daughter and given the obesity epidemic I probably wouldn't want to. Although, then again... if people are saying her ass is hard then maybe that means she works out?

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George Jefferson

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