Chinese 100 MHz scope probes

Chinese 100 MHz scope probes I ordered a pair of 2 from ebay. One could not be compensated, is over-compensated. But 2 for 13 $ or so inclusive shipping. I like these alreay much better than my old 35 Euro probe, that gave endless problems, had a 10 x switch that went to 1 x all by itself (can kill your scope), and finally fell apart, or better was falling apart all the time. (that was from conrad, type MF312, do not buy those, its dangerous crap).

The Chinese probes are lighter, have color coded rings, and come with adjustment tool There are many sellers with these on ebay.

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I have only tried on a 10 MHz scope.

So, YMMV, but still good value for money in my experience.

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Jan Panteltje
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Yep, I ordered a set over a year ago, still working fine. I'm using them on a 350Mhz scope, saving wear and tear on the

350MHz probes in case I ever need them. I'd call and see if they would send you a replacement, without you shipping the defective one back. Or send you two new sets for the price of one. Mikek
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I remember carrying my Tektronix 533 scope up three stories of stairs, returning from a job. I was renting then and lived on the third floor.

I did that many times, It was a good work out each time. :0


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Maynard A. Philbrook Jr.

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