cc2420 pcb layout

hi i am using cc2420 in a graduation project design if anyone have pcb layout for cc2420 and can send it , i will be so thankful


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hi first thanks for replying

second i have read the datasheet before asking and i didnt explain my problem i was asking for schematic for cc2420 so i can convert it to pcb automatically by any program

and i am making the pcb becuase wei have no budget for having a kit with that large price

again thanks for reply, wesam maher

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I think his point was if there is a dev kit than there is a schematic and layout for the dev kit. These are sometimes available although you may need to ask for them.

Making your own PCB will only be less costly if you consider your time to have no value. Especially since you'll have to spend time debugging and making sure a custom design works. Much better off to simply pay cash for a dev kit that is known to work and start from there.

Of course most universities I have seen consider their grad students' time to be worth less than nothing so perhaps this is part of your equation.

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You should have posted a url, expecting people to google for you is a bit of a bad habit. I had a quick look at the data sheet, P83 says that a dev kit is available. I would take that route. As it should be a reference design,rather than take somebody elses design

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is what would worry me. No info.


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