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I have some large ferrite E cores, E55, that were damaged in shipping (ie. smashed into two or three pieces). I am planning on using gapped cores (2mm or so gap) inductors, so I was wondering how well these broken E cores would work once glued back together, since I need a large air gap anyway I think having a small gap where they are glued then the standard gap (slightly reduced to take into account the glued gap) would be ok still? I plan on just winding 10 layers or so of wire and then adjusting the gaps to the desired inductances.

cheers, Jamie

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Jamie Morken
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Hi Jamie,

as long as no large pieces are missing that'll work fine.

Cheers Terry

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Terry Given

I have taken some small pot cores that were broken in two and carefully super-glued them back together. Most of the time, the result was as if there was a 2 mil gap, sometimes less. Easy to wind a test bobbin (say 100 turns) to check result Al.

As a cheapie gap, thin mylar (0.5-1 mil), paper (3 mil) is useful for a quick prototype.

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Robert Baer

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