Best Plan for both Racial and COVID-19 Pandemic is follow best Human Resource practise those in who make the decisions

For a Scientific medical treatment to any Influenza Virus, Bacterial or Fun gal infection including COVID-19 triggered responses is to follow the best treatment plans published with success and concerns.

Dr Mobeen Ayed has analyzed the West Virginia Medical School MVSC protocol sometimes called the Math+ because it addresses each of 4 stages of immune response and treatment.

The racial violence has been equally badly handled as the economy by some p oorly planned actions on all sides inviting negative germs to get involved with a legitimate need for tolerance and respect.

The best reaction to any threat is early detection, early response and resp ect for human life.

An ad hoc response with poor planning results in things like too many of th e wrong type of ventilators or threats of National Guard or ignorant flip-f lop on masks with no explanation why it can be good or bad and how to avoid the negative consequences.

Proposed Best Practice.


- Isolation for immune challenged ( obese and retired age folks and more f or pre-existing conditions)

- Masks in public with frequent cleaning or drying with heat as recommended

Math+ Protocol ============

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or Sumamry
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Analyzed by Dr. Mobeen Sayed with some minor changes recommended on lecture #75,76,77

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I want to stress it requires daily activity and Vitamin supplements with Mi nerals and Antioxidants.

Coincidentally my daily regime was almost similar to Dr "cool been's"

My question is why are our political advisors ignorant to the best clinical advice and listening to old school corrupt big pharma leaders like Dr Fauc i.

Why are the medical community afraid to speak up? It must be like saying yo u are republican in Hollywood. (Career ending.) So part of the plan must re duce the risks to whistleblowers and truth-tellers. Let them debate in pub lic if necessary.

My wish is the wisdom of Electronics Community EE's promote the best "Syste ms" design for improving the Immune system and not simply just dumb filters and avoidance. It takes many things, exercise, good nutrition , prophyla xis treatment and nutrients. Americans need to stop eating junk food so of ten.

Imagine how much money would have been saved giving out Vit C, D, Zn to eve ryone and education, for health, consequences if ignored.

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