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I'm trying to finish a design that runs on 4 AA batteries. The device has a small usable voltage range from 6 to 5 volts. I haven't had much luck with finding information on how to calulate the amp-hour life for that range of voltage. If anyone knows of a good website, please post.


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Go to Duracell's website. They have an "OEM" area:

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The URL for the AA datasheet is:

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It looks like it takes an AA battery about 3 hours to go from 1.5 V to 1.25 V when it discharges at 0.25 Amps.

For much lower discharge rates it will likely be much better.

As for Amp Hour ratings, it looks like the quarter-Watt amp-hour rating (for a single cell) is around 700 mAh for a cutoff Voltage of 1.25. Again, lower discharge rates will yield higher Amp-hour ratings.

One thing is for sure, though. The batteries still have a lot of energy left in them when they get to 1.25V!



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