AT91SAM7L-STK Software?

Does anyone have any example software developed for the AT91SAM7L-STK board? The ATMEL supplied software is only a simple LCD scroll.

Thanks, TomC

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tomcee skrev:

Most AT91SAM7 applications are useable (with small modification) on the SAM7L

Best Regards Ulf Samuelsson

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Ulf Samuelsson

That could be very helpful information. I would appreciate any recommended sources of these mentioned applications.

Thank you, TomC

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Op Fri, 08 Oct 2010 20:28:03 +0200 schreef tomcee :

The IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM comes with the following example applications:

getting-started-project basic-dataflash-project basic-internalflash-project basic-lowpower-stk-project basic-pwm-project basic-rtc-project basic-serialflash-project basic-slcd-stk-project basic-twi-eeprom-project

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