1000V, 10A Barrier Terminal Strip - Do they exist?

Hello All,

I've been looking for a connector to use on the output of a 10A, 1000V power supply and would ideally like to use a screw terminal block of some sort. Problem is 600V is the highest rated voltage I can find (unless I use something rated in the 10's of kV).

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Use the 600V connector but only use every other connection.

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Screw terminals at that voltage, current, and power level may not be a very good idea.

What happens when you're giving a tour and the nun accidentally brushes her rosary chain across the terminals?

How about something a little safer ? :)

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Use ordinary 'binding post' terminals well-spaced on an insulating plinth of Tufnol or Paxolin. You could even use brass bolts with wingnuts and washers straight through the plinth.

You are almost certainly going to have to make some sort of removable cover with an interlock, so you could make it from the same material.

If you really must have a manufactured item, look for the sorts of things used on modern tram control gear. The line voltage is nominally

750 DC, but it rises to 1000 v during regenerative braking. The 'small' accessories probably have terminal blocks rated at around 10 amps.
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