recommend voltage double ic ?

hi, any body recommend a voltage doubler ic, i need to be able to convert

12 vdc to 24 vdc @ 100 ma .


mark k

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mark krawczuk
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"mark krawczuk" wrote in news:rJadneJK14L_nujXnZ2dnUVZ

I was going to suggest some tiny hybrid modules by C&D Technologies, but I can't fine ANY link to them on their site, they only seem to deal in high power equipment now. If they won't recommend theyr own stuff and hide it as if it never existed, I certainly can't recommend it.

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Lostgallifreyan schrieb:

The small stuff has been sold to Murata a few years ago.


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Tilmann Reh

Digikey part #835-1060-ND Datasheet:

formatting link
$13.28 USD

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Tilmann Reh wrote in news:h56ajt$p7g$

Cool, good that it exists. I think it's probably made to a format pin- compatible with other makes too.

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