recommend voltage doubler ic ?

hi, any body recommend a voltage doubler ic, i need to be able to convert

12 vdc to 24 vdc @ 100 ma .


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None of the voltage doubler IC's that I've seen will provide that much current - they're intended for just a couple of milliamps. You'll most likely need to make a switch-mode DC-DC converter, or find a module (although 12v to 24v doesn't seem to be very common).


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Don't know if it helps but Powerbox make a 12v-24v dc-dc converter module that will do 100mA. They are in the Farnell catalogue but can be had cheaper direct from Powerbox (might be a MOQ though, I've only ever ordered qty from them). Available as a PCB mounted module or in a chassis with screw terminals.


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I'm with Pete - AFAIK all the doubler IC's are small current. Options are a small switcher like an MC34063, or a dedicated Kemo module if the 24V doesn't require tight regulation.

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I'll say the same as the other respondents. Unless you're building thousands, just use an off-the-shelf converter module. The 'capacitor doubler' type chips are only meant for 10mA ? at most.


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Actually there are quite a few switched capacitor inverters/doublers that will do over 100mA (e.g. MAX660, MAX1680), but the problem is the 24V operation.

I agree, a DC-DC converter module is the best way to go, something like this:

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(not quite there in terms of current, just an example) The OP will need to provide more info if he wants to "roll his own" DC-DC solution using a chip, too many options there.


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