Power connectors?

a) What's the name of these connectors:

I see them on UPS battery packs. Who makes them?

b) Where in SillyCone Valley can I find them?

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David Lesher
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These are Anderson 'multipole' power connectors. There's a squarer modular version called 'powerpole'. These are common battery bus connection hardware.

You'll have to get more info before you can determine what actual part is pictured, as there are different ratings that are ~physically identical except for the scale and current rating. Pins require a gas-free crimp, before insertion into the shell.

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Anderson Multipole SB. But I can't tell from the pictures if it's 50,

120, or more amp series.

Allied has a pretty deep stock of every Anderson Powerpole and Multipole SB connector.

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Tim Shoppa

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