HELP!!1 Need some info on a CLA53047BW IC.

I'm trying to repair a Wavetek 395 programmable arbitrary function generator. Its local oscillator and PLL circuit are running, and I have supply voltages, but it has no clock pulse...and no service manual has ever been released for this item.

Without a manual and very little knowledge of the many and varied ICs that are in this unit, I'm almost stabbing in the dark, but I do know that the clock line is dead. The clock signal appears to be coming from (if it were working) a chip identified as GPS CLA53047BW .

I can't find ANY info on this part except some in undecipherable foreign languages that my browser isn't even supporting, via a Google search.

If you have any info on this IC and its function, pinout, and other relevant data, it would be nice if you were to provide it to me.

Contact me directly at if you have this info.



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It's Chinese (.cn).

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On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 02:20:09 GMT, Chris Johnson put finger to keyboard and composed:

I'm guessing that it could be a GEC Plessey Configurable Logic Array in the CLA50000 series.

If so, then its datasheet would probably be in the 1990 CMOS Semi-Custom CLA50000 ASIC Handbook.

- Franc Zabkar

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Franc Zabkar

If that's what it is, then knowing what it is will only do me a LITTLE bit of good as I can't know for sure how it's been configured...and not only that, I'd need to get a new one configured for the needs of the unit. This may turn out to be virtually impossible.

The product is a Wavetek 395 digital Programmable Arbitrary Function Generator. The failure is a total lack of clock pulses anywhere in the unit but the 10 MHz reference oscillator and PLL ARE running. The reference signal from the PLL goes to the CLA chip and that's all I know as of yet.

The supply voltages are all good.

I may have to splice in an outboard clock circuit.


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