Anyone need ANy or all of these parts??

Have multiple quantities of most and all are brand new I have no use for them so I would rather them go to somebody who can use any or all of them:

(1) Hitachi Module- HM9192 = MCM 2371232 (1) LB1624 = MCM 1341941? (1) LA4505 = MCM GA0ISA450500A (1) Hitachi IC- M50752-628SP (1) M37267M8-210SP = MCM CP11436? (2) Hitachi module- HT5293-8E30 = MCM 5384321 (1) Hitachi module- HT5523G-8L09 = MCM 5384896 (1) Hitachi module- HT5523G-8G25 """ (1) Hitachi module- HT5523G-8G28 """ (2) Hitachi module- HT5523G-8G29 """ (1) Hitachi module- HT5523G-8G30 """ (1) Hitachi module- HT5539C-8F = MCM 5385364 (1) Hitachi module- HT54906-1J0 = MCM 5383783 (1) Hitachi module- HT4866-7K = MCM 5386191 (1) Hitachi module- TA4193-6A = MCM 5358391 (1) Hitachi IC- P5058H5459J54E = ?MCM 5306567 (1) Hitachi IC- R1903x-7H07= MCM 5373271 (1) NEC IC- D552C066 = MCM UPD552C-066? or MPD552C-066? (1) NEC IC- D550C025 = MCM 5359722 (1) Motorola? IC- MPC17A85Z = MCM 1366802 (1) Motorola? IC- MPC17AT85 = MCM 1366804 (1) Hitachi IC- HD38757A03 (1) Hitachi IC- HD6433042F10T01 (1) Hitachi IC- HD62991 (1) Sanyo LA7990 = MCM 2383191 (1) BU2744S HA118170ANT M50925-302SP HM7101HD Hitachi Power Board Assembly HTS7342 = MCM CS10571

LA4282 ECG1047 J74 TL8608P ECG332 LA3210

2SA1606 2SA671 TA7273P 2SK34 2SA697 2SA1116 2SC1740 2SC1307 AN7178 2SB926 2SA1170 2SC1166 UPC4570HA 2SD655 2SD471 TDA2616 2SA715 2SA561 2SC736 2SC735 2SA720 ERS196 2SC2271 2SD857 ECG152 ECG312 2SK19 SI-1125H 2SD226A 2SC3281 ERS291 2SD315 2SD588A STK415 TDA8305A UPC1181H UPC1182H STK-0049132A 2SA1102 2SD358 MB3759 M58485P AN6551 LA6510 2SC2786 Kenwood Optic Isolator 2SD551 2SC461 MANY NEW!!! TV/Monitor Flyback transformers

If you see any that you are in need of feel free to email me with any offer or I would prefer a possible trade being I am always seeking car audio parts. Please note: my email address needs modifying in order for it to work so check on that prior to sending; sorry but as I have found out the hard way I now get a ton of spam because of previous posts to these groups. Thanks.

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