Which IPC documents should a PCB layout designer have?

Upto now, I've managed to get away with using IPC standards to guide me. However, I've decided to dip into my wallet and pay for the standards that I consider necessary as a "professional" designer. Eg. IPC-2221PCB Design general, IPC-SM-782A Design and land pattern, PCB libraries IPC-7351. What standards to you PCB layout guys use?

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IPC A 610 and J-STD-001 , try these web pages,

formatting link

formatting link

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Don't bother with the documents listed by the last poster. I don't know what that poster's motive is but neither have anything to do with PCB design other than they both involve PCBs in one manner or another. IPC-A-610 is a guide to the inspection of printed circuit assemblies (stuffed boards), J-STD-001 is basically a soldering manual.

I would say that you want: IPC-4101, IPC-2221, IPC-2222, SM-782 &amendments 1 & 2, IPC-2615, there are a few others but I can't recall them right now.

Find out what is included in IPC-M-106, it is relatively new & I couldn't find the list of included documents. Maybe it is more than you need but at a cheaper price. Similarly IPC-M-105. Consider getting the IPC-PWB-CRT-SG01 or the CD and go for full certification. Then the advanced certification afterward.

Eventually you will want: IPC-2141, IPC-2252

You may want: A-600G - Acceptability of Printed Boards

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