I am evaluating SuperSpice simulator. Looks good; although I am more interested in it's schematic capture.

I currently use industrial strenght spice simulators (along with Cadence ADE/artist), therefore I have no need for it's spice engine.

I think the schematic capture part/component symbol generator has potential and I believe you can spin it off as a configurable schematic capture only product. The market is for existing (*)spice users who want to migrate to a low-cost, easy to use schematic capture.

Here are some features that I see for this product:

  1. scripting -- for formating spice/mixed-mode specific netlists, etc., and for calling other simulators to run the generated netlist. Maybe allow plug-in modules, which are specific to simulator target. This is openly documented so others can write targets for hspice, pspice, smash, scad3, etc.
  2. Allow a mechanism for back annotation. Again, this can also be in form of modules.
  3. General components: allow veriloga, verilogd, vhdl, etc., to be treated components which can be placed on the schematic.

Your competition in this arena is gEDA at the low-end and maybe silicon canvas at the midrange.


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You can always email me directly.

Actually, for IC design work, SS is the cheapest i.e. ~£200 range simulator. e.g. it supports binning, schematic L W and M for mosfets and has decent WC analysis. Also arbitrary ReRuns for multiple parameter sweeps.

Well, its nice to know that people like the schematic capture of SS.

You can use *any* standard spice engine with SS as is, if it takes the standard spice batch command. This is explained in the help. If you just drag drop such an engine from its file location to the SS main window, it will make that the spice engine instead of the default xspice.exe.

You will lose some functionality though. e.g. there is messaging between the GUI and the engine that displays the current simulation point.

SS already automatically back anotates voltage, current and power onto the schematic from any standard spice output file.

You can also manualy load in standard spice files to view them.

Not quite sure what you mean here.

Kevin Aylward

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SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture, Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.

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Kevin Aylward

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