Installing EAGLE on Windows Vista SP1

Here is how I managed to succeed finally in installing Eagle 5. on my E- Machines Vista SP1 computer, after numerous failures:

  1. Download and save in the usual way.

  1. The program will not install using the Run button on the Download box. Close the box.

  2. Go to the Download section of the computer and find the Eagle download.

  1. Right click on the download, select Properties, select Windows XP Compatibility.

  2. Click on the Eagle download and it will install correctly, as near as I can tell.

  1. Under Accessories, Windows Explorer find the Eagle file and the Application (.exe file I suppose). Click on Make Shortcut. Move the shortcut to the computer screen.

It is odd (to me) that the program will run okay under Vista but not install under it. ? But I am hardly a computer geek.

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Clive Tobin
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