Digital Speedometer, Calibration, Report Writing

Hi everyone

I am working on a Digital Speedometer, i almost finished making PCB for the digital speedometer which includes 3 parts, 1 power supply, 2 sensor part, 3 digital speedometer PCB, its looks like working and giving display as well, am working on the ICs because i need to write up report on all the steps i did including the working of whole PCB, but the thing is that still am unable to do anything? am too much confused, is there anyboday who would be able to help me to write up? i will forward all the PCB drawings made in Dip Trace software, ICs used, components details, circuit schemetic as well. So please tell me if any body would be able to write some good stuff for me proper, please.? I hope that somebody is going to help me out?

Regards, Riz

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You may find that folks on these groups take a dim view on helping students to cheat on school projects.

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Chuck Harris

Let me guess, if you hadn't plagiarised the design from EDN you would be able to write it up yourself.

Is that what you did? Why don't you just copy the EDN article?

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How about you explain how it works? Or is it something someone else has done?


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