ANN: Pulsonix Version 3.1 available

Version 3.1 of the Pulsonix PCB software is now available for download:

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It's actually under Pulsonix Demo, which is a full working version if you have a valid license.

"It now has a new improved router, new gate and pin swapping, and new autoplace option. V3.1 also contains a consolidated bug fix over V3.0. The router is much faster, gives better completion rates and completion times on most designs. It is capable of being networked as a true floating router (which the old one couldn't). From the feedback we have been given, the routed results are better in that they are generally more logical with fewer vias and shorter track lengths. Everyone who does a router claims this but this router is a significant improvement on the previous one."

"This new router will be a cost upgrade for existing users on maintenance who have the existing router but is anticipated to be relatively low cost. We will be contacting all the users within the next week or so with details. If they want to contact our sales office then the number is +44 (0)1684 773 881 or "

IMHO, the new router is excellent. Like all routers, quite a lot of work is needed to get the best out of it with complex designs.

The demo is suitable for small designs (up to 100 pins). Pulsonix can supply a full time-limited license if anyone would like to evaluate the full version.

The Pulsonix Users Group is worth looking at, if you want to see what users think of the product:

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Apart from being one of their beta testers and a long-term satisfied user, I'm not associated with Pulsonix.


Leon Heller, G1HSM
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