Where to buy direct burial Cat5e cable in Melbourne?

Hi all,

I'm after some direct burial Cat5e cable like this one:

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Where can I get this in Melbourne? They want $210 for shipping from the US, and I need two reels, which is a bit rich. I can't find anyone locally that stocks it.

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Mr Mac
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is it much more for 2 reels ?

We have had consigments shipped from the US from EBAY, that were similar weight and volume to a couple of rolls and it turned out about $180 AU postage.

Another place to look would be the UK - their outgoing international postage is a hell of a lot cheaper than Au and USA charge.

You also have to look at how much they would want for the stuff in Aus, especially if its special order, or something as rare as hens teeth

you can be assured they would likely mark it up significantly more than the cost of a roll posted from the USA.

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