TC4422 mosfet drivers in H bridge

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Has anyone used the very impressive and low cost mosfet drivers in an
H bridge to drive a motor directly? The 4422 is rated at 2A cont, 9amp
peak.  My motor draws is about 3 - 5 amps.

On the net I found someone driving small motors directly with the 3amp
4424 dual mosfet driver.

I will need 2 x 4422 to make an H bridge, but thinking I could
even parallel the 4422 (4 total) for more current capacity.

Anyone have experience with these devices?

Re: TC4422 mosfet drivers in H bridge

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You'll be more impressed with a half bridge FET drivers, with external
FETs. Most FET drivers are not designed for power dissipation and the
effective Ron is pathetic compared to what you can achieve with a couple
of cheap discrete mosfets. You'll need to recharge the bootstrap cap
with say a 1us 'off' pulse, every 10 seconds for a permanently driven motor.

example, Farnell are stocking
LM5104M 100V H-driver @ A$5.09 x1
FDS6990S dual 30V 0.022R @ $2.37 x1

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