RADAR up to scratch? It takes one to catch the other out.

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Electronics,  RADAR, is often said to be dead accurate.
But what if theyre not tested according to proper National Measurement
institute standards? The only legal method? You dont get booked? Of
course you do. The states are not using legitimate methods to test
these speed cameras. None of the Laboratories for speed cameras may be
approved, nor are their personnel who need to be accredited. They are
not used in accordance with the  prescribed legal methods.
The authorities will start banning GPS next, like they did in
Switzerland. Why? Go the the link

http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/father-and-son-stick-to-guns-to-prove-radar-wrong/2007/03/11/1173548023012.html #

In 2005 Jerry Simotas successfully challenged a $160 speeding fine,
proving in court that the hand-held radar gun that was said to show he
was travelling at 133 kmh in a rented Pulsar had never been properly
calibrated, tested or maintained.
Last week his son Michael, 25, went one better; Its all in the genes.

The revenue raising tax collectors will swear black and blue that
youre doing something wrong or rather and ban the GPS systems, or find
some other devious way of banning them.

Comments please.

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