Surprised this doesn't happen more often.

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I had Digital TV interference couple weekends ago & am still at a loss as to what it was.

I use an internal TV aerial, & noticed the TV signal cycle though form 99% signal strength to 25-30% .

The TV would go from pristine vision to freezing & pixilation, it was annoyingly unwatchable.

I spent few hours re-arranging TV aerial to fix the problem but didn't work.

I had a set top box, & noticed the interference didn't happen on that, so I switch to using tuner on set-top box rather than TV .

Problem has now gone & I can use tuner on TV again!?

I wonder are people importing 'electronic devices' without checking , that are not suited/ don't comply with Australian standards & interfering with our broadcast spectrum?

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That could easily happen, for example buying from eBay. I haven't looked for ages, but you could, for example, buy a cheap Chinese 4G repeater that certainly wasn't compliant with Australian standards.

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Possibly, but I live far enough away from anyone who could be using such a faulty device that it couldn't have much of an impact, yet such occourances happen a few times a year, sometimes for weeks on end and then it's good. Others in the area have similar problems, and in some cases I've confirmed that it has been at the same time as I've had issues.

Subtitles can be somewhat handy to cling onto the plot of a show until the signal recovers, but usually when it gets that bad for me it ends up dropping out to "no signal" for extended periods as well.

I suspect it's something to do with atmospheric conditions. I have similar bad periods with 3G mobile broadband, though there I wonder if it might be due to the nearest tower being down. I'll be seeing if 4G works any better soon, once I get Linux driver problems sorted out with the modem that I bought.

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Computer Nerd Kev

atmospheric conditions could have someting to do with it. The problem with digital TV , it's all or nothing.

I have another theory of mine, it may have been police speed trap up the road?

Cops could have been waving around radar gun trying to catch speeding drivers, & the radar waves bouncing off buildings onto my aerial?

I wonder if radar waves are in same range as digital TV to interfere?

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Couple of weeks ago, we had great difficulty in getting the garage door to open using the remotes. I tried different remotes, replaced the batteries etc but no difference. Next day I was going to dismantle the unit to fix it but it worked no problem and has done so ever since. It must have been some sort of interference on that day.

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Probably the russians

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Rheilly Phoull

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As far as I know, there is no requirement for anything electronic imported into this country to undergo RF certification. So we have piles of Rf noisy stuff everywhere.

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I can't put my Fetch box adjacent to the radio, it completely jams the FM band. It has to be about a metre away.

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