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Hi, Can anyone suggest where I might be able to source a small number of the following items. I need an on-off panel switch, and also a button, which have to operate reliably for long periods despite possible contact degradation. It'll be single pole pulldown on a 5V logic line, with a pullup of maybe a few K (can't spare more than a couple of mA). There's no significantly higher voltage available as a sense supply. What I'm hoping is that one can obtain manual switches that use hall effect or something else 'static', so that there's no contact to get corroded or wear out. TIA

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bruce varley
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** Hmmm - might be a good candidate for a mini reed switch with moving magnet pushbutton.

Fantastic reliability.

Google them up.

........ Phil

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Phil Allison

Capacitive touch switch maybe? See page 1017 of the latest Farnell cat for Qprox eval kits

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Dave :)

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