S-Video cabling

What's the maximum distance an S-video cable can run and what's the best type of cabling to use?

For my church I want to run an S-video feed to one of the FOH projectors, currently we have a composite feed running on a nice 30m length of quality shielded coax but really need to upgrade to using an S-video feed because the quality on that size screen isn't looking that nice.

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** Regular S-Video cable should be OK to a couple of hundred metres.

Any good 75 ohm co-ax is fine.

** Piece of cake.

........ Phil

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Phil Allison

Since when was Svideo using coax ? .

I thought it is a 4 core shielded cable .

I do not know the impedance but google is your friend




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use at a minimum RG6 quad or better should work assuming your construction/ crimps is up to scratch

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** Since it began.

** Nope - twin 75 ohm co-ax.

....... Phil

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Phil Allison

30m should be no problem - in fact you could just run another length of the same coax and terminate each end with S-Video plug to 2 x RCA adapters. You should try to make the 2 runs as close to the same length as possible.
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I wonder if a video transmitter/receiver would be better?

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Most only do composite, and fairly poorly at that. If you can run cable, you'll always get a better result (read: been there, tried that).

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