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I put in an order to Futurlec earlier this year as a bit of an experiment.
About $25 worth of components (21 different types). I searched around a bit
online first and found a forum topic where there was quite a bit of
discussion about them (don't have the bookmark with me now). I don't remember
seing anyone with solid signs of being ripped off. The general consensus was
that they do ship what they sell, but you pay for the cheap prices with a
fairly consistant one month wait for arrival in Aus.

The advice I saw there was to keep on them with emails (the website request
to submit PayPal orders via Email was a good way to start this). So I did,
successively  requesting they inform me of every step along the way and the
package arrived well within a month (can't remember exactly how long, but
before I started to worry). It was posted three or four days after the order
was placed.

Until I got the parcel I thought they were in Asia, but it seems to have
been sent from (or at least through) Germany (Frankfurt if I'm reading the
postage sticker properly), which in my books is a plus. Packaging was good -
padded bag inside a padded bag and all components in stapled plastic bags.
I checked and every component was accounted for in the right quantity. Only
slight wrong was that I recevied two LM555 chips while (partially as a test)
I ordered one NE555 and one LM555 (separate entries on the website).
technically they did me out of five cents as the NE555 was 26c Vs 21c, but
it's not enough to put me off (and to be fair their description of the NE555
is "LM555/NE555 Timer", but they _are_ slightly different internally
(according to the datasheets))

Also, their Crockodile Clips are insanely cheap ($0.05 each), but man are they

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Re: Experiences with Futurlec

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Well I consider them still fine.  These sethefrikens seem to have a
real agenda, rather than just a gripe.  But scam is something Futurlec
haven't been IMOE.

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