Re: Eternally confused Phil has a both way bet

On 9/1/05 12:03 PM, in article
43172666$0$524$ snipped-for-privacy@per-qv1-newsreader-01.i> Phil Allison the great unqualified is just envious
First it's one thing, then it's the next Phil. anding.
> Gee Phil, when are you going to stop having these fantasies
> Yep, in your dreams Phil. You are a know nothing dimwit.
Alan thanks -So- much for dorkishly splattering your skeet across several
newsgroups uninvited...
Take a copy of our Home Game on your way out!
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For the record I didn't bring the original thread to this NG - someone else did.
Phil Allison posted it to three newsgroups. I trimmed one of them off the reply. You've never been here before AFAIK (well at least not in a long while), so to demonstrate how much of a troll you are you thought you'd come over here and put your 2c worth in.
Oh, and if you must quote, at least do it properly. Also, in case it happened to slip your attention, most NGs are open public forums (hence the reason why Phil and you are here).
BTW if skeet shooting is your game, try this -
formatting link

Cheers, Alan
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Alan Rutlidge

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