Fighting the inevitable with my E220 modem

This is getting more and more frustrating,I decided to go with optus with my three branded unlocked E220, BIG BUT. they have 3G prepaid for

12 months 15 GB at $130 but do you think I can get it, NOOO. First optus shop insisted I had to get a $40 starter deal with one GB then in one month recharge with one year deal. The next shop (not optus but is optus agent) said that I should be able to get a cheap sim and charge it with a year but they could not do it (no cards or something) next multi phone shop could not figure out how. How in hades can you find a shop that can supply the advertised deal ? (in Sydney Australia)

I got this answer to the question in whirlpool

You need to get a prepaid SIM starter kit ?

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Be warned ? with Optus prepaid they charge in 10MB blocks. You will use your allowance quicker than you think.

That is the problem I have so far.I want to pay $130 for a year not $160 for one year and one month I realise that I would have to pay a small amount for a sim. When I joined three they gave me a sim for a small sum and then topped it up on the spot with a years top up

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three branded unlocked E220, BIG BUT. they

I use a backup USB modem from Exetel:

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I started with the E220 and advanced to the E1762? because it has provision for an external antenna, which I have needed in some remote areas.

Costs me $5 per month if I don't use it, and 2 cents a meg if I do.

I think I have used it 3 times in the last 12 months, as a business backup when my Optus cable went down.

I also use it when I travel.

I figure I would have been unlucky to have used a gig in a year, and that is $20 extra.

No catches, no contract.

Depends on what you want.

Cheers Don...

Don McKenzie

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Don McKenzie

th my three branded unlocked E220, BIG BUT. they

on for an external antenna, which I have needed

p when my Optus cable went down.

is $20 extra.


Find the appropriate forum on Whirlpool

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Lots of experince and advise for these type of questions,

Regards Joe

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