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i'm new to cross compiling and i've found the amazing crosstool for creating a cross compiling tool chain. I've changed PREFIX in to the directory i want and i've created a gcc for arm9tdmi. Furthermore i've included the generated bin directory to my path to e.g. call arm-9dtmi-linux-gnu-gcc directly from the shell without giving the path.

As i'm not familiar with cross compiling i've the following questions:

1) Does the e.g. arm-9dtmi-linux-gnu-gcc find the needed libs and includes by his own? Or must i setup any links or environment variables? 2) Was it correct to add $PREFIX/bin to my path? 3) Or must i copy e.g. the content of PREFIX directory to e.g. /usr? 4) Why is there a directory called arm-9dtmi-linux-gnu-gcc in my PREFIX directory?


Gerd Mitländer

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Flattery will get you everywhere :-) but be sure to thank Bill Gatliff for the scripts that crosstool was originally based on.

The binary has embedded within it absolute paths to the needed library directories, so you don't need to set any environment variables or create any links.

Sure, you can do that. Or you can always invoke the compiler with an absolute path. Your choice.

No. Copying it will break it.

That's where [some of] the libraries live. I know, it's confusing, but I think the gnu guys set things up that way so you can install compilers/libraries for multiple targets in the same directory tree.

- Dan

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Dan Kegel

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