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Hi Guys,

Regarding Protel Autotrax (?) Schematic editor 3.3 (yeah the DOS
version) - Haven't used it for a while, but I recall having problems
when making big libraries. Small ones were fine, but larger ones got
corrupted.  I know in the PCB program you cant go over 200 items or it
gets corrupted (according to SC March 04), but not sure about the
schematic. Usually it stuffs up some time after doing all the hard
work, so I'd rather avoid it if possible! A google seach has shown up a
lot of stuff but nothing that's helped thus far, so figured I'd throw
it out here. Anybody know what the restricions are?



Re: Protel Schematic 3.3

Quoted text here. Click to load it
When creatin a NEW library the programme prompts for a directory size.
This can be between 1 and 1200 according to the manual.  The default
size for a new library appears to be 400.

I am presuming this means the number of components in the library.

An existing library can apparently have it's size changed using
SLM.exe.  Load slm and click on edit, select library then click on

I haven't tried this myself.



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