Protel AutoTrax - how can you ...?

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I have been using AutoTrax and Protel Schematic (for DOS) for yonks,
but occasionally they get the better of me.  The normal
schematic->netlist-> autotrax/nrb sequence gets derailed when I need a
component that I can't see how to create.

This time it is a resistor array with a common terminal (useful for
pull-ups) - four in a SIP5 pack.  In Schematic I can't get my head
around a way to represent it so that the (post) capture will make
sense to AutoTrax.  I've tried giving the resistors the correct pin
numbers but Schematic baulks at using the same part name.  Clearly it
wants them to be RS-1A, RS-1B and so on but I can't see how.

Anyone conquered this?

As a separate question, AutoTrax libraries - the Traxstd lib (size
preset to 200?) is full, so every time I need a new footprint/part I
have to add them to Mystuff.lib (size 400).  It gets to be a pian
having to swap libs all the time.

I expect that Traxstd can't be resized, but even trying a
copy-out-(merge)/delete-lib/recreate-sized-400/copy-back gets
precluded by the "merge"operation failing with some obscure error#.


Re: Protel AutoTrax - how can you ...?

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To make a new part for schematic you need the Schematic Library Manage
know as SLM.exe.  You (hopefully) have this in the same directory as
Protel Schmatic.

I haven't bothered with the Autotrax library limitations,I do just
what you are doing and have other libraries available - bit of a pain
but it works!


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