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Van Doren realized this as well. "I'll get it," he said, and walked around t
o pick it up. "I don't suppose you have a cap for this -- if you hit a bump,
you're going to get it all over your interior."
"You'll be connecting to the group through me," Gwedif said. "If one of us t
ried to overtake the entire crew, I'd disconnect before he could overtake yo
u. I'd probably have time." That qualifier disturbed me, but Gwedif went on.
"But I'd say it's highly unlikely that someone will do that. For one thing,
it'd wipe out the entire crew; whoever did it would never get back home. Fo
r another thing -- Carl, this is epic stuff. If this works, this is going do
wn in our history as one of the defining moments of our people. We'll be fam
ous forever. Believe me, none of us wants to be the one that screws that up.
"Please," Van Doren said. "I can't. It's a company car."
"Thank you, Tom. I don't hear that nearly enough." We clinked glasses again,
and then Roland sat back, hand to his chin. He looked as if he was consider
ing something weighty, and actually had the intellectual wherewithal to do i
t. "Tell me, Tom. What do you think of Michelle Beck for the part?"
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