Digital Amplifier Modules

Does anyone know where I can obtain an ongoing supply
of digital audio amplifier modules that can produce about
100W or more into 8 ohms?
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Mike Warren
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"Mike Warren" Does anyone know where I can obtain an ongoing supply
** Firstly - the proper name is Class D or "PWM" amplifier, such amps are every inch analogue devices.
Now, does your idea of an "amplifier module" include an integral power supply ?
Its not much use having a tiny and light power amp when you still need a large and heavy PSU to run it.
I see a link to car audio in your email addy - so do you need 12 volt DC operation ??
Is this for full audio range use - or just a woofer or sub woofer?
Supplying a few tiny details and a bit of context would have been nice.
......... Phil
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Phil Allison
Hi Phil,
Thanks for your response.
I think anyone who is able to help would know what I was talking about. You certainly did. :-)
I was really hoping someone would be able point me to a supplier of these types of amps so I could see what was available off the self.
No. The unit they would be fitted to is powered by 240V AC.
Full range.
At this stage I am just looking into the feasibility of replacing our current IC based system with something lighter and smaller.
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Mike Warren
"Mike Warren"
** The term "digital amplifier" is misleading & highly ambiguous - so best avoided.
"PWM amp " or "Class D amp" is clear and far preferable.
** Hopin' and a wishin' ..........
** Are my words invisible to you ??
That remark has no relation to my comment.
Your application must be a HUGE secret as you still will not give me a clue what it is.
Your post reads like a dumb troll & I suspect you are after what does not exist at the price you want to pay.
However - Powersoft in Italy make PWM amps with integral SMPS - but maybe with more watts than you need.
formatting link

The local agent is:
Production Audio Services Pty Ltd Address: 17 King Street Blackburn, Victoria 3130 Phone: +61 3 98781444
........ Phil
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Phil Allison
We carry such modules from LC Audio of Denmark. You can see more here:
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Please call me on (02) 4627-8766 during business hours to discuss your needs.
Leon Gross Soundlabs Group
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** OK - I see a tiny SMD covered PCB with a coil in the centre.
No power supply included, as the OP required.
The suggested mains transformer weighs 4 kg - so hardly light weight.
No case, no EMC shielding supplied.
I see some THD specs that make no sense - hiding more than revealing the performance.
The tiny PCB alone is circa $300.
Powersoft ( see my earlier post) can supply the "DigiMod 1000" - a complete power amplifier including SMPS, in a case & fully EMC compliant and ready to use with excellent specs. Only weighs 1.1 kg, all up.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
He said the unit it is to be mounted into runs off 240V, a simple diode bridge and a two filter caps will provide a power supply from a 240V transformer.
If you need full power sure, but he only needs 100W, so a much smaller transformer can be used.
I did say it was a module, not a fully finished amplifier.
performance. In what way? The measurements were done in Denmark, not by us, I'd be interested to know so I can bring it up with LC Audio. Did you see the datasheet with more info?
Well $275- actually which includes GST. We hope to have a lower price soon when the next shipment arrives, about $225-. The module is quite small, PCB itself was based on the size of a credit card, not bad for an amplifier module (sans power supply) that can deliver 200W RMS into 8 Ohms, even more for the uprated version!
Anyway, Mike wanted to see what was out there, so I am showing him one possible option!
Leon Gross Soundlabs Group
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Take a look at their preamp !
formatting link

40,000uf filter capacitors for the preamp rails, and a switchmode power supply (driven by the regular power supply.
I didnt know you would get any significant difference in the sound quality by reversing the active and neutral in the mains plug !
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"Leon" <
** Quote:
" Now, does your idea of an "amplifier module" include an integral power supply ?
Yes. "
** The OP wanted lightweight.
** The OP wanted a finished amplifier PLUS
A SMD PCB alone is not a "module".
** Your problem you cannot interpret basic specs.
** It is an overpriced gimmick - at best.
It totally totally fails to meet the essential requirements of light weight, low cost and being even a legally usable product.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
I have to say it looks small and clever but the prices are crazy no realistic gripof the market place, 2 channel modules are available for $30.00 so asking $275.00 is ridiculous. Also PSU,s are available that weight ounces rather than KGs
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