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OK, lets get a few things out of the way.
You're old enough to be my aunt, but based on your pix you are a
good-looking fem who can make an articulate post or two.
Accepted that Rick Mather knows his onions and relunctantly I have
to admit that his site - is an
excellent source of tips, tweaks and info. Begrudgingly I will admit
you may have seen in him qualities that most us miss, but surely
you have to now admit he was a bad choice.
As for the grave robbing corset wearing gaunt Leather faced geezer-
Lionel Lauer, well I can't think of anything that could be construed as
a positive comment.
Now, both these hideous usenet wankers are bonkers and both are
notorious cyber bullies, and they have both targeted you with unrelenting
schoolyard spite for their own sexual gratification. It could be said
that Art deco is also doing this but I suspect he is impotent, if so he
won't be doing it for the thrill, only doing it as he is a muppet.
Also accepted that you RLK are winning in this fracas, that one and
all can see that you RLK are running rings around Rick and Lionel
and that they both end up seething with low self esteem rage when
you bounce them to-and-fro, which results in them resorting to
hurling expletive strewn insults and lies, so OK Rhonda, you're winning.
Now I admit it has been entertaining so far, but it's all the same sort
of stuff, they rant and explode, you slap them down with the true facts
and they then flee, then the cycle restarts....
You have emails from Rick Mather aka Kadaitcha Man that would
settle the whole issue, and revealing them would not only be justified
in defending yourself from their scurrilous allegations and imbelcilic
online antics, but it would also add to the entertainment of all of us
lurkers. So please RLK, Ricks emails, - post them.
Thank You.


Re: Rhonda

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Is that really true? I figured I have about 15 years on you, or
thereabouts. Is that "aunt age"?

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I wasn't the right person.

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We agree.

I guess that's as good an explanation as any.

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I'm quite concerned about that, actually. Lionel really did post Mike's
address, telephone number and bar number from the Bar's website, along
with a link and a thinly veiled suggestion that complaints to the Bar
for usenet posts would be appropriate.

I guess that explains his obsessive focus on my posting my own emails--a
smokescreen, I suppose--because he knows he's done something only kooks
do. Unfotunately, I can't help but wonder--considering the other things
he's done to go beyond the bounds--what he might do next.

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Well, if I didn't know before, I certainly know now, don't I? Damn.

I swear you missed your calling. And I am so glad you were able to fit
this into your busy schedule, but...

...the answer is still "I can't do that."

Maybe you should wait a few months and eviscerate me instead. I've got a
bet with myself that I'd be laughing too hard to be embarrassed.


Rhonda Lea Kirk

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Re: Rhonda

Well hello top posting Mrs Turtoni, welcome to the party.
Maybe not surprising for a comcaster who has a name similar
to a pasta ready meal from Tesco's, but you've got me mixed
up with someone else.
You really all should come to a concensus on who you all think
I might be, so far I've been mistaken for  Bowtie, Prince William,
Madonna, Vlad the impaler, and now Mike? Also some think I'm
an American, or maybe a Mongolian illegal immigrant sharing a
bedsit in Dublin with Osama?
The way things are going, I'm expecting the 2 Australians will
soon accuse each other that I'm one of their socks!
Fond Regards

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Re: Rhonda

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LOL.  She imagines that every anon is one of her usenet enemies.
She is consistent in her lack of growth.

Crash Street Kidd

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