Panel mount battery holders - C cells

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Does anyone have any ideas on who makes panel mounting battery holders other
than Bulgin.

I'm looking to house 6 C cells - probably two holders with 3 cells in each.
The holder needs to mount to the enclosure panel with a lid of some sort
which is removed to change the cells. My enclosure restricts me to a tubular
style holder. As I need quite a few of these and they need to look good I am
not really interested in fabricating my own.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Panel mount battery holders - C cells

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Shades of DaveC who was looking for a similar battery holder for 4 x
AA cells with a removable lid or drawer. DaveC required the holder to
be only 2 cells wide at the front but the Bulgin item which did have a
drawer front was 4 cells wide so it was no good to him, as you would
be aware.

No manufacturer can afford to produce battery holders to cater for all
the different combinations of cell types and mounting arrangements
that any individual might require, at least not without a substantial
order of around 10,000 or more. Usually, a product manufacturer will
design his own when no off the shelf item is available. Unless you can
find somebody who has/had the same requirements as yourself it looks
like you'll have to fabricate them yourself. Are you sure you can't
make do with two side-by-side Bulgin BXS018 or BX0003?

Re: Panel mount battery holders - C cells

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Hi Ross, thanks for the reply. I saw DavC's post and suggested he also look
at the Bulgin range. Looks like I may have to look at fabricating my own.
The Bulgin parts are pretty expensive anyway. Thanks.

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