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Dear aus.electronics,

How're things?

I apologise in advance for a slightly off-topic post, but, I wasn't sure
where else to post.

My sister and I wish to get a dishwasher for our parents for Christmas.

The amount of duty it is likely to get is low, but, we are wary of buying
too cheaply.

At the cheap end, Harvey Norman have a 'Blueway' dishwasher.  It is basic,
but, that's all that is required in this case.

I don't know much about Blueway, other than they seem to have made/sold air
heating and cooling gear for some time.

Can anyone shed any light on the merit of Blueway for dishwashers, or, offer
any other low duty - low cost dishwasher suggestions?



Re: OT: dishwashers

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Dishwashers can be tempremental beasts if you are unlucky, don't get a
no-name one, you will most likely regret it. Blueway are not known for
dishwashers, so I'd say stay clear.

Dave :)

Re: OT: dishwashers

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Decide on a budget , go to at least three retailers and choose a known
brand not in-house but lg or  whirlpool and similar , then shop the
price to death ( if you want extended warranty there is no need to buy
it now), expect to pay 1/2 drawer from 500 or 600 ( rough guess)and full
size a little more .

Re: dishwashers

Get an asko:
                    they dont have built in obsolecense
                    They work better
                    They use very little water

The downside is they take longer to do the wash

You wont regret it....

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