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I've got an old Altronics/Silicon Chip May 1993 LCD demo board.
It uses a POWERTIP PC-1603F LCD module with 16 pins.
Does anyone know if the Altronics kit has backlighting on pins 15 and 16 ?

Re: old LCD display info

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It seems your part No is incorrect  it should be PC-1602F

If PC-1602F is correct then the answer is Yes it has a backight.

See details here.


This took 2 minutes to find on the internet ... so next time you can search


Re: old LCD display info

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It is a PC-1602F, I had to bend the LCD module - PCB mounting pins
to verify the part no. But I don't think all 1602F's are the same. -there are
You haven't answered the direct question. I want to know if the LCD supplied in
the Altronics/Silicon Chip May 1993 kit has one of the backlight options.

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I have already searched the 'net, long before I posted the question here.

There was no mention of backlighting in the Silicon Chip May 1993 article.
That was why I was hoping to get someone who knew something about the particular
Altronics/Silicon Chip May 1993 project kit to reply, someone who had  bought
the original
LCD kit supplied by Altronics, as I did.

Thanks for your time anyway, Joe.


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