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Hi folks, looking for some help with t.v. problem. I'm a retired
electronics tech, but only worked in industrial electronics. Junior
comes along (3 weeks ago) & says dad, fix my t.v. burning smell, no
sound or pic & it goes tic, tic.tic. First thing I checked was the
line output transistor. Short circuit. Ordered a new one ($24.00)
turned the set on with the transistor out & power supply came up &
sound. Couldn't see any signs of distress anywhere, so installed the
new transistor. Everything o.k. soaked for 8 hours on a hot day & the
set ran perfectly. Gave it back & have since been told it failed the
next day. I don't have it back yet & don't know what the current
problem is, but I would put money on it being the line out transistor
again. I doubt that it is shorted turns in the line out transformer as
it certainly wouldn't run for 8 hours. I could change all the
electro's in the horizontal stage, but don't believe you should fix
faults by such a blanket approach. Any help greatly appreciated.  Dave.

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Check for dry joints on the line driver transformer if fitted and look for
any distress marks or swelling on line output tuning capacitors (high
voltage polyester types)

Cheers John.

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