Need a cheap micro / SBC dev board that will run linux.

Sounds easy. Cheap, i mean around the $200 mark in quantity. The price is the target price for around 700 pcs and will have to be customised. Happy to pay more for a one off dev kit.

Must have at least 3 serial ports, but prefer 4 (one debug port). rs232 or ttl on the dev board, but will be custom electrical specs on production.

This is the clincher, must run linux out of the box. That is, I want the dev board to come with linux installed and have support from the manufacturer. Win CE is not out of the question either.

If your company has such a board, and you can customise please contact me here or via email. I am happy to do the prod board design/layout, but I want something off the shelf for development.

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Andy Pearson
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the bastards are out of stock.

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Jasen Betts

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Dual network ports, SD card, USB, unfortunately only one serial port wired (two on the chip). You could always wire another DUART to the headers as a daughter board. It does run Linux out of the box though.

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