My aerial point isn't where my TV is

I'm renting a small appartment in the inner city and have no choice where my aerial point is. The only logical place to put my TV is over the other side of the room. Currently I'm running a long extension cable around the wall but this is ugly.

Is it possible to plug something into the aerial point which would re-transmit the whole RF signal across the room to where the TV is? I could plug my STB into the wall and use one of those wireless 4GHz tv transmitters but I'm afraid that will significantly degrade the signal and probably screw up my Wi-Fi reception..

I'd also like to get FM into my Denon reciever, which this wouldn't do.

Would such a beast be cheaply possible?

Cheers, Robert.

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Robert Atkins
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The wireless AV sender for the set-top box would be a good way to go. If it is 4GHz then it shouldn't interfere with the Wifi (assuming 2.4GHz). Either way, pick a sender that's not going to be on the same band. Chances are they'd work together, but then again, maybe not.....

I don't believe you'll find a sender for the whole RF spectrum, so the FM is a problem. You could leave the FM tuner over there too and use another sender to send it's audio output to your amp/theatre system, I guess it depends on how keen you are to not look ugly. :-)



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Ken Taylor

Try two rabbit ears antennae. 1 on the socket, and the other on your tv/vcr. You'll have to carefully orientate them with respect to each other to get the maximum signal strength.

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"Robert Atkins"

** Get some white coloured able - it will blend in with the walls.

The idea of re-transmitting across a small room is IDIOTIC !!!

............. Phil

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Phil Allison

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