Looking for a technically competent business partner

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Hi all. I have an idea for a medical device that I think could be
quite profitable.  Although I think it would be really quite simple to
manufacture I simply do not have the technical expertise to make a
prototype. I do not think there is any new technology to be developed
here, just an adaptation of existing technology to a novel idea.

What I do have is the idea, a thorough knowledge of the medical field
in question and some money to finance at least the first part of the

I am looking for someone with technical competence in electronics,
particularly measuring of biological surface potentials and the
transmission a short distance using a radio link.

If any person thinks they can provide such technical expertise and has
the time to develop a prototype please contact me and I will provide a
more in-depth explanation. Like I said I am willing to enter into some
kind of partnership and provide the initial financial outlay.

I am in Brisbane and of course a local person would be best but but
this is not essential.


Dr. Angus Mann
Email me angusmann at pobox dot com or 0419011055



Re: Looking for a technically competent business partner

Arn't we all looking for one of these?

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